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He laid her on the table
So white and clean and bare.
His forehead wet with beads of sweat
He rubbed her, here and there.
He touched her neck and then her breast
And her legs, low at first, then high
He was drooling now, "I love this bird"
He thought, as he felt her thigh.
He reached his quest it was wide and wet xa5
Sort of dark and murky.
He rubbed his hands and stretched his arms
And then he stuffed the turkey! xa5

Words of Encouragement, Inspirational Poems

We have some wonderful and meaningful poems on our site. I like every one of them and of course have many personal favorites. I thought you might want to visit just a few of them with me right now. xa5

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A smile from heaven it seems to me,
A gift from God to bring me through,
A way of making the day seem brighter
You are my ray of sunshine, a gift from you.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
Her clothes all tattered and torn.
It wasn''t the spider that crept up beside her
T''was Little Boy Blue with a horn.

A bit of faith, a heart so true,
You took that step, now born anew.
For you He suffered and He died,
Now and forever at your side.
You heard the truth, chose to believe,
His Holy Spirit you''ll receive.
Always let your faith abide,
And forever He will be your guide.
Call on His name in prayer each day,
For Jesus said.
"I Am The Way."

Whatsoever you decide

I can deal with, no fearing

Providing it doesn''t involve wet fish

Or bedroom chandelier ing

A Pastor Appreciation Poem by Judy Crowe Our Shepherd This pastor appreciation poem is adapted from Psalm 78.

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What can I give you that''s special

That doesn''t cost a sou?

Oh well, as it''s Valentines day

I''ll leave it up to you

I prayed for you before we met,
Not knowing who you 8767 d be.
I asked the Lord to send a friend.
One chosen just for me.
I asked that they 8767 d be Godly,
With wisdom of His ways.
A friend to help and guide me
I the troubles of these days.
So often in life, we need someone
To listen while we talk.
Someone who will not condemn or judge,
But encourage us as we walk.
The narrow road we choose to follow
May sometimes make us stumble.
But to have a friend to catch our fall,
Teaches us to be humble.
When I asked the Lord to send a friend,
Though many came and went.
He gave much more than I ever asked,
For you are the friend He sent.

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