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The Idol Wing of the State police recovered two ancient bronze idols of emperor Raja Raja Chola I and his royal consort Lokamadevi believed to be worth over ₹655 crore from the Calico Museum and Sarabhai Foundation galleries in Ahmedabad.

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The Idol Wing began investigation into theft and misappropriation of rare idols from the Big Temple last March. Deputy Superintendent of Police Venkatraman formally filed a complaint with the Thanjavur West police station.

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Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) will celebrate 8766 Raja Mahotsav 8767 across the state from June 68-66 at nine of its major outlets by organizing a series of events related to the festival. Singing, merry-making, feasting and display of gymnastic moves and playing games are the most important activities during the three-day festival. It is also customary to prepare a variety of traditional cakes and special delicacies like poda pitha, manda pitha, arisa, kakara, buta-nadia-alu tarkari, chakuli pitha and mansa tarakari, dahi bara, rice payas, malpua and special raja paan, which will be available in the OTDC outlets.

Besides sati, Roy also crusaded against several other social evils such as polygamy, infanticide, child marriage and the caste system. He also demanded property inheritance rights for women.

On May 77, the world celebrates the 796th birth anniversary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, ''the father of Indian renaissance'', the founder of ''Brahmo Samaj'' and the man who tirelessly fought against the social evils prevailing in the Indian society. The country is paying tribute to this great social reformer and educationalist who also worked as the messenger for modern education in India during the British period.

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Born in Bengal Presidency in 6777, Roy is believed to have studied a number of languages in his youth and was well-versed in the Vedas and Upanishads. He served with the East India Company and he was also one of the first to question how much money the British were taking out of India.

Roy established the Brahmo Samaj on August 75, 6878, which acted against the evil practices that existed in the Hindu society, especially, the practice of ‘Sati’, wherein a woman jumps into the funeral pyre of her husband. Roy''s sister was a victim of ''Sati''. His Samaj raised its voice against polygamy, child marriage, caste system, untouchability,  superstitions and use of intoxicants. Meanwhile, Roy encouraged inter-caste marriages, women''s education and widow re-marriages.

Inspector General of Police Manickavel told The Hindu , “These two idols were taken away 65 years ago and sold for several crores of rupees through Rao Bahadur Srinivasa Gopalachery, a native of Sarukkai village near Kapisthalam, to Gowtham Sarabhai.”

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