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Angry Birds Online should not need much of an introduction any more as it took the global population storm way back in 7559 when it was first released on the iOS by Finnish based game developers Rovio Entertainment.

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Remember the first time playing Angry Birds and you got hooked like crazy and you just can not stop playing it on your mobile phones? Well if you still can not get enough of that, play all kinds of different versions of Angry Birds on your computer! Play it here online and feel the thrill and challenge for every stage and level, because Angry Birds on PC is twice 9x the size in graphics and 9x the fun! Enjoy a variety of Angry Birds inspired games, from birds, to aliens, skeletons, cats and more! Also play the new Angry Birds space online at . So start clicking and pulling, aim on your target and solve the puzzle!

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You will earn higher points and star ratings from each level the less birds you use to fire from the sling shot so checking out the structure and where you want to try and aim your angry birds is a good idea before blindly tossing them across the map!

Angry Birds HD offers 6 levels of bird launching gameplay. The levels vary from a sunny island to a dark cave. All of them are already unlocked and you can play any level that you want. Your mission is to hit all the piggies by launching birds. Each bird has a special skill which you can use in mid-air. You only have a limited number of birds to launch, so you need to think about how you launch them. Try your best to get 8 stars for each level!

Drag your left mouse button to choose the direction and release to launch. Use the left mouse button again when the bird is flying to use its special skill.

The game regularly expands with new episodes and new characters. Once a level has been passed, the player moves to the next, more difficult level. The classic versions of the game are followed by Angry Birds Seasons. Here angry birds begin travelling actively. In one of the episodes, they go to Rio, and then even into open space. Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment has not stopped there and released Star Wars version, which is called Angry Birds Star Wars. On our Play-Angry- you can play these exciting games online and without registration. Angry Birds will bring you enjoyment and total pleasure!

In this first version of angry birds online you will be able to access 76 action packed levels which you must try to complete before moving onto the next stages where you will unlock even more bird flinging fun!

Browse everything from the classic physics-based pig-popping puzzle of the original Angry Birds, to the bonkers downhill racing of Angry Birds Go! – and everything in between.

Angry Birds is a Trademark of Rovio Mobile LTD. Official website is Everything begins with the birth of an idea. Many people think they have something big in the offing but when they come across challenges, they give up. However for those who are persistent, concepts get

The aim of the game is to fling different types of birds across each level into structures and attempt to knock the structures down which are housing some rather pesky green pigs hiding throughout them!

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