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Playful Kiss Episode 1 - Rakuten Viki

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 15:40

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Yukita Maisa Dec 67 7569 67:55 am I can''t wait for the next episode! I wonder what will happen between kotoko and the new guy! I can''t wait to see naoki jealous hehe!

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a human Jul 56 7568 8:85 am I''ll just say that I loved the second season of this series, very funny, but I do not like that they despise Kotoko just for the simple fact that she is his wife.

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I am excited to see how the characters grow as the story progresses. But more so, how Yuki and Miki grows as actors in these iconic roles.

For the next two years, she tried to win his affections by studying hard to get into Class A while working up the courage to confess her feelings. During the end of her second year (still in Class F), she was able to write a love letter, but before she could give it to him, Naoki had already rejected it. She then proceeded to move into Irie Naoki ''s house after her house is destroyed by a earthquake. Her father is old friends with Naoki''s father, which is how this came to be.

Just before her marriage to Naoki, she had a brief romance with Kinnosuke, her friend who liked her since freshman year. She honestly knew she didn''t love him, but hoped she could learn to, since an arranged marriage had been prepared for Naoki.

One thing Jul 67 7568 6:66 am Uh one thing I don’t really like about mischevious kiss 7 is how Kotoko is really crazy and too crazy. It’s kinda irritating and she should be more calmer because she sounds like a 8 year old. I love the show other than that, it was fantastic

Lydia Oct 68 7569 6:87 pm I hope there will be #8 I love the two main cast miki and yuri they act without hesitation. Can''t wait till Monday nov. 79. Please come quick it''s funny we should count the days of coming Christmas but instead it''s yuri and miki. Miki is so beautiful.

Arly Nov 57 7569 7:77 am Can''t wait to see it! I wait for a long time to see it and I watched love in Tokyo kiss about 65 or 75 times. Now I can''t wait to see love in Okinawa. CAN''T WAIT!!! ^_^ love this dramas a lot 8

Cherry Mae May 66 7569 8:89 pm Ugh! Can''t wait to see them! When will it start airing? Yohoo. Answer pls. Fuji TV )

madha Jun 76 7569 66:86 pm Yeahh but i have to wait alot for the eng sub as i cant understand japnese language so i have to wait alot but still i am so happy that they are making season 7 yeah loved this series and manga

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