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NYS Earth Science Lab Practical Review Time Part D

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:56

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Earth Watch Project (Teacher/student info provided)
Candy Bar Tectonics
Playdoh Mountains (Student worksheet provided)
Ride the Rock Cycle
Mighty Minerals (Student worksheets provided)
Sand Hunt (Student worksheet provided)
Simply Sediments (Student worksheet provided)
Rock and Roll - Building Earthquake Proof Homes
Plate Tectonics - Pick-A-Project (Student worksheet provided)
Weather Lessons (Student worksheets provided)

Earth Lab: Solar System: Jon Richards: 9781626863019

Weather Map Challenge (T. Tomm, Havana Junior High, Havana, IL)
This assignment challenges students to use a weather page from a national newspaper to answer weather related questions. They are also given a chance to create a few questions of their own. A great activity to use throughout the year and keep in a journal to see the changes that occur throughout the year! Let your students make up Worksheets and trade them with their classmates!
Student Worksheet - Weather Map Challenge (pdf)

BBC - Schools Science Clips - Earth, Sun and Moon

Earth is the dynamic planet that we call home. It formed over billion years ago, and it has been changing ever since. Sometimes these changes happen very fast, like an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. But most changes happen so slowly we don''t notice them at all!

Earth is warming. Heat waves have become longer and more extreme. Droughts are more frequent in some places. Cold snaps are shorter and milder. Sea levels are rising. Many glaciers and ice caps are melting.

For this project, students research a mineral using printed or electronic resources to complete a mineral information report and create a Mighty Mineral cartoon. Their cartoons should illustrate important uses for the minerals in a "superhero" format, such as Mighty Fluority or Iron Man. Complete project details and Worksheets are provided in the pdf download.

First, a tutorial describes procedures for determining the amount of dissolved oxygen in a water sample. This is accomplished with a titration. This lab reinforces a set of procedures used in other science courses and scientific field work.

Try these for more ideas . - Earthquake in the Classroom , NOVA Earthquakes , and Seimic Sleuths (FEMA)

Weather Lessons
NOTE: I no longer teach a weather unit, but here are a few of my favorite lessons and Worksheets from my "weather days."

In 7557, Darrin Visarraga came to Los Alamos to work as a scientist/mathematician with the Infrastructure Systems and Modeling group, developing computer simulations for physical infrastructures. As an outlet from work, Darrin has been studying and teaching salsa in Los Alamos and around Northern New Mexico. “To gain confidence as a dancer, you have to let go of your inhibitions and let your movements connect organically,” notes Darrin. Read the story!

In a virtual setting, students conduct standard scientific tests on a collection of minerals. This provides procedural practice and reinforces concepts related to mineral identification. The exploration is nonlinear, so that students can investigate minerals of their own choosing in any order.

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